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First Time Buyer Journey

How does a first-time buyer learn the process?

First-time buyers can learn by personal research and/or a skilled professional (realtor). The process begins with strenuous decision making and eventually leads to the buyer moving into their new home.

Decision: They must first decide if they want to rent or buy.

Payment: How they will pay comes next. Cash, finance, or lend.

Agent Selection: electing an agent that has their best interest at heart.

Viewing/Offer: Viewing properties and making an offer on one to negotiate the right price.

Due Diligence: A due diligence period comes after to make sure there is  enough time to inspect just in case repairs are needed.

Closing: Closing day consists of ensuring all paperwork and closing fees are squared away.

Move In: Finally, move in day. The most exciting step in the whole process. The client is now officially a homeowner.

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